Mindfulness Week Day Seven: choose your own adventure

Misty orange sunrise over Yellow Water River, Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australia.

It’s been an interesting exercise to go through a different mindfulness practice each day for the last week. Previously I’ve done one a week and that’s ideal to really delve into each one deeply. But this was a good way to have a look at how impactful they each might be in the context of the current covid_19 situation.

Today’s the day to repeat one of them, to choose your own mindfulness adventure. You might want to choose the one you felt most affinity for and that’s a good strategy. If there was one that you didn’t get to do properly – maybe you forgot about it – today’s the day to revisit it. Why not keep it going until next week and see what impact it has?

For me, I’ll keep on doing the gratitude practice each day, because it has been shown to be one of the most beneficial practices for mental health and life satisfaction, and it resonates with me. I’ll also go back to ‘Just three breaths’ because I neglected that one a bit so it would be good to do again. This time, I’ll put a reminder somewhere I’ll see it so that I don’t forget!

Whenever I practice mindfulness I feel better. My mood lifts and I’m more connected with the present moment and not letting my thoughts run off like a dog let of the leash at the beach.

So I’ll keep practicing mindfulness and practice being more and more in the now, the only time we really have and, ironically, the only place we can create the future we want. What future do you choose?

© Palitja Moore, text, and image, Sunrise over Yellow Water River, Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australia, 2019

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