Mindfulness Week Day Four: listen like a sponge

Today I’ll be practising listening. It feels amazing to be at the receiving end of someone really listening to you. To feel heard is a relief in itself, let alone being understood, or helped, or whatever we need at the time.

So I’ll tune in to other people today, regardless of the mode of our communication. These days it’s as likely to be listening via an email, text message, online chat, phone call, or video conversation, as listening face to face, but that only makes it all the more important. When communication is via text – words on a screen – it’s all the more important to acknowledge that you’ve heard the other person – they can’t see that you’ve heard. And you can be certain that tapping on a message to read that the other person has ‘Seen’ is not being heard! That is not remotely enough to indicate that you’ve listened. You’ll have to try harder than that. No one wants to be ignored or feel invisible or unimportant.

Listening is effortful – there’s no doubt about it. Perhaps that’s why so few people do it. Today, let’s make a change, let’s listen like a sponge.

© Palitja Moore, text and image, 2020

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