Appreciate Your Hands

Hand on keyboard.

Are you doing my mindfulness practice with me today? Have you been noticing your hands? What have they been up to? Are they coordinating themselves without you thinking about it? Does your non-dominant hand do more complicated actions than you thought it did? Could they almost be a separate entity to you?

The first time I did this mindfulness exercise I was amazed by how independent my hands really were. They could throw the air freshener or my hair brush from one hand to the other without me thinking about it! Amazing. And wonderful. How time consuming it would be if we had to instruct them on every single action, every day. Even now, they’re blitzing across the keyboard, hitting backspace and delete every now and again without me really telling them to do it. What an amazing body we live in. With one common goal, so much can be achieved in harmony.

© Palitja Moore, text and images, 2020

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