I can’t write

I’m too full of anger, despair, fear, and frustration to write anything at present.

The planet burns. We do nothing.

This image is from https://showyourstripes.info/ and shows Australia’s warming, one stripe per year from 1901-2018, by the average temperature in that year. Blue is colder, red is warmer. The nearer to today it is, the redder it is. #showyourstripes

Why are we not in outright revolution? Human survival is at stake. Life itself on this small blue planet is at stake. Now. Climate change is happening and it is serious.

If I look in to people’s eyes and I don’t see fear, I know they don’t get it. If they understood – if you understood – you would be afraid, very afraid. And you would be right.

These are not tea leaves or tarot cards we’re reading, this is thousands upon thousands of scientists reporting that the natural world is falling apart because of our actions. And we are the natural world. We are falling apart.

We should be afraid. We need to change in the small window of time we have left, and we’re not. If we do not change, it’s over.

Be afraid. You should be.

(c) Palitja Moore, text, 2019. Image thanks to https://showyourstripes.info/


  1. I couldn’t agree more. It’s hard to know what to do. Here in the US I try writing to my elected officials. I do what I can in my own life. But it feels hopeless unless the world really starts taking it more seriously. It angers me so much that our president is actively working AGAINST the cause.

  2. It is infuriating the lack of action. I go to protests when I can and have taken up letter writing to politicians, if enough of us do it they might get the message. Sometimes I just despair.

    1. I totally agree. There just seem to be too few people prepared to see what is happening. Too much apathy. Plus, democracies corrupted by big business, media with undisclosed business interests. Understanding has certainly grown thanks to many people’s efforts in many different ways. But climate impacts continue to be simultaneously played down and too scary to look at.

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