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If I had a TARDIS

I’d leave this all behind.

I’d say goodbye

to the rising tide,

the fires,

the death,

and drought –

our inhospitable alien home.

If I had a TARDIS

I’d transport our near-extinct species,

trek them to gentler worlds,

and kindly custodians.

If I had a TARDIS

I’d go back in time,

to save us from tomorrow,

the upside-down apocalypse,

to save us from ourselves.

If I had a TARDIS

I’d take you with me;

we’d run and run and run.

If I had a TARDIS

I wouldn’t stay here:

the day is done,

and the night is dark

and truly full of terrors.

© Palitja Moore, text and image ‘Purnululu from Helicopter at Warman Roadhouse’, 2019

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