I’m Not Australian

I’m not Australian.
Not if it means being the kind of person that excludes others based on facets
of them that are deemed to be unacceptable or undesirable. That’s not the
Australia I grew up in as a child of the ‘70s and it’s not the Australia I want
to inhabit in the future.

Nationalism that seeks to exclude people based on
race, culture or belief is un-Australian. We are a nation of migrants. South
Australia has whole townships (Hahndorf and Barossa towns), founded by people who
were fleeing religious persecution. We holiday in places like Bali where the
predominant religion is Islam and yet we want to reject the asylum claims of
Muslim people have been the
victims of fundamentalist Muslims more than any other group around the

Fundamentalist nationalists scare me as much as
fundamentalist Muslims: they all want to impose their world-view on
the rest of us by asking us to be as prejudiced as they are. To
fight fundamentalist Muslims by behaving the way they do – hating others based
on their belief – makes us as bad as them and that’s not the kind of
Australian I want to be.

We live in a time of fear of terrorism but that is no excuse for
us to become terrorists.

© Palitja Moore, text and image, 2016

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