I Should Be So Lucky…

feeling very lucky right now. Why? Because I just went to Colonnades and bought
all the clothes I was looking for: two tops for work, a pair of tracky daks to
replace another pair that were just too short and narrow in the leg, and a new
dressing gown – which I’m wearing right now.

you picture the plushness of this poly-masquerading-as-mink? Its deep purple
suggests royal blood, but though I’m not of convict heritage – not on Mum’s
side anyway – it would be a great surprise to most if it were to emerge that I
was in fact the heir to a throne somewhere!

was lucky in my shopping today because not only did I find all the clothes I
wanted on one reasonably short excursion, but because I had the means to do so.
I feel wrapped now in the warmth of luck. Hard work too, but a great measure of
luck. Lots of people put lots of work into a thing only to have it fail for one
reason or another that is out of their control.

tempting to think that my current situation, which some might over-rate by the
size of our block, to be the outcome of tactical effort. But that’s not the
whole story; there’s been luck along the way, and no small measure of following
my nose and working in concert with others. There have been compromises, and
there still are, and that’s ok.

prefer not be burdened by a longing for everything.

don’t want the world; I just want a home, an education for my daughter, people
to love, a service to give, food on the table, and some things to look forward
to – a holiday now and then to explore the world around me.

of us don’t want to rule the world – though the Tears for Fears song would tell
us otherwise. If we did manage to achieve world domination, or perhaps just
simple dominion over one jurisdiction, it would still be transient. If it
persisted until we died, it would still end, and what would have been the

one will thank us for having everything. They’ll just fawn on us out of envy
and fear or despise us. There’s nothing real about that kind of dominance. It
can only be followed by the same hollow, lost, sense of alone-ness that began
the pursuit.

contentment, and pure satisfaction, are a warm dressing gown in the cold, a
pair of tracky daks for leisure, and clothes that will keep the boss happy!

my regal gown, I hereby gift these to all the peoples of the world and commend
to them the peace of the ages. Hazaar!

Palitja Moore, text, and I Moore, image Plush Sleeves, 2016.

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