The Beach One

is it about the beach that is so soothing? Whether it’s the rush of stormy
winter waves, or the gentle wash of a sunny day like today, the sound of the
water is soothing in itself.

me though, much of the pull is the uninterrupted expanse of sky above me. It makes
me feel calm and small. And if that sounds contradictory I can only say that it
reminds me that my worries are small in the context of this spinning blue-green
planet, which is itself a tiny dot in the enormity of space. And if my worries are
small, so much the better; I’ll let them go and know that they really don’t

more to it too: when I’m on the beach I feel glad just to be alive. It’s
invigorating to be at the whim of the tides, at the whim of the wind, the sand
and rocks and seaweed, the sun, and sometimes even of the rain. I feel fully
alive at the beach in a way that I don’t anywhere else. At the beach, I’m not
an observer of life, I am life – we are one. Fleetingly, I am aware of being
part of the majesty of being. And there are no drugs involved, just the high of
being alive and knowing it is good.

Palitja Moore, text and image, Snapper Point, 2016

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