The Plotchment Emerges…

A long time ago, in a memory far, far away, a friend nicknamed me ‘Plotch’. Over the years it’s stuck with friends and family and I’ve become quite fond of it, even though it’s remained something of a secret name.

Now, I’m letting it reach out into the world as the nickname that’s easier to say than my birth name and a classic example of why I love language.

Nicknames are fun. Language is fun and constantly evolving.  ‘Plotch’ came out of a stupid conversation that had no purpose or intention and concluded with my friend dubbing me with it.

Soon it had a life of its own in the hands of my brother, who quickly came up with an assortment of variants: Plotchy, Plotchmeister, The Plotch, and, finally, Plotchment.

If you like some of my writing, thoughts, poems or recipes, then you can call me Plotch too.

PJ at show w orchids #1 2016

(c) Palitja Moore, text and images, 2016.

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