Observations and Predictions



don’t always make sense.

seems that supermarkets and servos can avoid compliance with a council’s
strategic plan for historic townships (even when it’s been developed over months
of community consultation), on the back of the jobs, jobs, jobs mantra – even
when the net increase in Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs remains unstated. I
expect the same rule will be applied next time a wind farm application comes
in, since they demonstrably provide more on-going jobs than their fossil fuel alternatives.

In the news
last week we learned that asylum seekers being held by Australia in Papua New
Guinnea were being given a malaria vaccination that has serious side effects.
It sounds like an episode of the X-Files: “The drug is known to cause agitation, mood swings, panic attacks,
confusion, hallucinations, aggression, psychosis and suicidal thoughts in a
small number of patients.” The article also states that it should be prescribed
on a case-by-case basis and it seems that this didn’t happen on Manus Island –
or for ADF servicemen and women when it was used on them, some of who are still
dealing with mental health side effects.

    To say that detainees on
Manus have a real choice about taking a medication is like saying that
prisoners in jail get a choice about which sheets to have on their beds.
Meanwhile, asylum seekers are not criminals. But they don’t have access to
lawyers, hospitals, friends, or many of the liberties that convicted Australian
criminals do.

never noticed before that the word ‘recipes’ and the word ‘receipts’ are
surprisingly close in spelling! One must be careful not to save the chutney
recipe with the phone bill!

spend more time cooking these days, especially these summer days with their
seemingly endless supply of fruit to preserve, than what I do ‘going out’ at
night to dance and hang out with my friends; but I still do it occasionally.
And when hubby and I decide to have a night in the city we sometimes now stay in
a hotel overnight. The last bus service back to our house means that we would
have to leave the city at 9pm to catch it! Not exactly a late night out! And
what a luxury it is for neither of us to have to drive home – we can share a
bottle of wine together and not worry about who the designated driver is. All
my life I’ve heard about how backward we are in Australia, with our cities not
being open 24/7. And now we have people calling for ‘lock outs’ from clubs at
about 1am. I thought we were aiming to be an international, cosmopolitan
country with spaces and options for all? But apparently for the actions of a
few morons who think violence is a clever solution (I wonder where they get
that idea?), the rest of us will be punished too.

    How do they do manage being
open all hours in other countries? Would a more liberal approach actually
provide people with the freedom to be more moderate in their alcohol consumption,
creating a safer culture than what we have now?

economies are more important than others: hospitality, tourism, farming, and
renewable energy can always be sacrificed to mineral and fossil fuel
exploration and no compromise in methodology will be entered into, nor will
clean-up expenses be incurred by the fossils.

    Music, dancing and general
night-owl activities are viable only if the new neighbours say it’s ok and if
no one ever, ever does anything silly. Under this regime of economic prejudice,
casinos are, obviously, exempt, because gambling never leads to violence or


farms will dot the Australian landscape wherever wind resources are greatest,
and solar power generation will be built into our rooftops, walls, and clothes.
A jobs boom will result; those who lost their jobs in mining and car
manufacturing will segue into renewables.

the high rate of maiming, permanent disability, and death caused by car use,
they will be placed in viewing stations where we can observe them in their
natural state.

and inventors will be praised for their foresight in developing electric bikes,
scooters, trucks, buses and trains, and will be given more money to develop
tele-porting and hover boards.

will reduce the planned migration rate marginally and increase the resettlement
of asylum seekers, assessing their requests within 6 months and housing them in
Australian cities while checking their claims. We will recognise them as our
brothers and sisters and welcome the housing boom that will come from their
re-homing in our young and free country.

with guns in their hands and fingers on triggers, will shake their heads in
disbelief and walk away from terrorism and violence, forever. No one will take
up their weapons. Hand-to-hand combat enthusiasts will take up yoga, tai chi,
and rock climbing.

day of global thanks will be given to sci-fi in general for showing all of us
that we can live in peace and harmony, in balance with the planet that birthed

Palitja Moore, text, 2016, and image, ‘Middleton Fishers & Co’, Dec 2015

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