My Triple J Hottest 100 Shortlist 2015

you listen to Triple J or have friends who do, then you’ll be in no doubt as to
what the ‘Hottest 100’ is! And if you don’t know, then tune in to Triple J on
Australia Day 26 January on your radio or online to find out.

year I had a shortlist of thirty tracks to get down to ten before I could vote
for my top ten. For a few weeks I’d been jotting down tracks as they came on
the radio and trying to remember band names and track names – always a
challenge for me – before I decided that it was time to vote.

a pretty awesome event because any listener around the world can vote for their
favourite songs. As long as they were released in the previous year and played
on Triple J they’re a contender. I’m always amazed at how many great songs
there have been and how much my year has been enriched by music; I listen while
I have breakfast, in the car, while I cook dinner with the volume turned up
very high and belting out the lyrics for better or worse.

Christmas all I really wanted was music. I’m still hoping we might be able to
afford to go to Womad in March, but equally I was keen to buy some new albums
or tracks. Perhaps it’s odd, but I spent my Christmas music money on both Madonna’s
Immaculate Collection (in a fit of nostalgia to replace the copy I had once),
and a yoga CD – Putamayo Presents Yoga.

yoga is an exercise in mindfulness and being present. And so is music and when
I put the two together it’s pure bliss.

it comes to my daily life I’m really excited that yoga is a part of it. I’ve
recently been doing some yoga every day. It grounds me and helps me grow – both
in a literal way (as I strengthen, stretch, and let go), and in a metaphorical
way (as I expand my understandings and perceptions of life).

other album I bought with my Christmas money was Courtney Barnett’s debut album ‘Sometimes I
Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit’. I’ve loved her tracks since ‘Pickles
from the Jar’ – she does things with words and music that you wouldn’t think
were possible! We also own Seth Sentry’s album ‘This Was Tomorrow’ and have
been fans since ‘The Waitress Song’, so both of these artists were both strong
contenders for my top ten. And then there’s Tame Impala. I’ve been into them
since they did that cover of ‘xxx Eyes’. Hubby and I have seen them play twice
and we have three of their albums so it’s not surprising that each of these
artists made my top ten cut.

on my long-list were a few Like A Version tracks and some less played but
awesome blues, roots, and world tracks. 
Other tracks to make my list for 2015 were a couple of Unearthed tracks
and the Unearthed High winning track, which was also my personal favourite
among the strong competition for that honour last year.

in no particular order below except for ‘No Great Mystery’ because that has
been stuck on repeat in my head so often that it has to be my number one track
for the year. But like children, I don’t really want to pick favourites, so
I’ve kept a list of my Top 30 without attempting to order them.

if you’re a fan of music, you like to hear new sounds and new voices, then
there’s probably something on my list that you’ll like. And maybe there’s
something on your list that I will like.


Track – Artist

My Own Pet
Radio – No Great Mystery *

Tame Impala –
Yes I’m Changing

Tame Impala –
Let It Happen *

No Zu – Ui
Yia Uia

Seth Sentry –
1969 *

Alpine – Shot

Alpine –

Mac DeMarco –
Another One (How much does he sound like John Lennon?)

Mac DeMarco –
The Way You’d Love Her *

Mansionair –
Speak Easy *

E^st – Bitter
Sweet Symphony (like a version)

Tuka – Big
Jet Plane (like a version) *

The Cactus
Channel – Cobaw

The Cactus
Channel – Kill the Doubt (ft Chet Faker)

Coda Conduct
– Paint it Gold

Barnett – Nobody Really Cares If You Don’t Go To The Party *

Barnett – Pedestrian At Best

Barnett – Dead Fox

Barnett – Elevator Operator

Mark Ronson –
In Case of Fire (ft Jeff Bhasker)

Montaigne –
Clip My Wings *

Jamie xx –
Loud Places (ft Romy)

Jarryd James
– Regardless (ft Julia Stone)

The Rubens –

Coast – Call My Name *

Florence And
The Machine – What Kind Of Man

Ayla – Throw
Your Arms Around Me (like a version)

Wafia –

Urthboy –
Long Loud Hours (ft Bertie Blackman)

Ngaiire –
Once *

My final
ten have been marked with a *. Phew, that was tough! I really didn’t want to
drop any of them…

Palitja Moore, text 2016, image Goolwa Pier, South Australia, 27 December 2015

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