Sorry about climate change…


one is for all the people who’ve done something to call for climate action. Respect to all of you. You give me hope that we’ll be ok, that we’ll get there
in the end. Sometimes I feel guilty about posting things about climate change
so often. But really if you have a problem with that, you should be apologising
to me.

couldn’t be more sorry about climate change. It’s exhausting crapping on about
it all the time. But then I see that people don’t realise the seriousness of
what we’re dealing with. Seeing the crazy decisions our so-called leaders make
in the name of money and vested interests drives me to distraction. Meanwhile
our food producers are screaming ever louder that things are not as they should

scientific community is thrilled to have others join them because, although
we’ve sent our scientists out into the world to tell us about its nature, as a
species we are unwilling to give credence to their reports.

not just farmers who have joined scientists in calling for climate action, it’s
emergency services too. The firies know that this is just the beginning of
wildfire distress. So do the medical professionals. At the global People’s
Climate March on 29 November 2015, they were all there. In fact, in Adelaide,
the CFS crews weren’t there. Why? Because the Pinery fire still wasn’t properly
quelled. It wasn’t the only serious fire in Australia in November either. There
have already been fires in the eastern states and a big fire near Esperance,
Western Australia. And summer hasn’t even started yet. Once again, the world is
set to break records
for heat.

if my posts offend you; if you’re sick of hearing about climate change, sorry.
It’s just that I think we all need to be telling our leaders we want climate
action. Now. At Paris COP21. Later will simply be too late.

I write this #COP21 has been going for a week and by the time you read this, it
will be over. Australian delegates are standing in the way of international
agreement. Again. It is a disgrace and I apologise to current and future
generations, unreservedly, for their lack of vision and understanding. I didn’t
vote for them. I stood against them. But more than that, I stood for a future
that is sustainable, renewable, peaceful and equitable.

are many ways to stand up for what’s right. I’ve taken a number of different
paths and am likely to continue to do so. I can’t do anything else and sleep at
night. If you haven’t stood up yet, do it now.

stand and fall together. The human race stands hand in hand with one another on
the edge of the cliff. Some of us can see a future beyond burning fossil fuels;
a future where we act as one to save life on earth. It sounds dramatic like a
Hollywood movie, but it’s true. If you don’t call for climate action now, and
every person next to you and every person next to them, then we’ll all leap
like lemmings off the cliff.

the camera will pull back and the audience will give a collective gasp as they
realise we allowed our own demise through inaction. The earth will begin to
blur, the trees to become dark blotches on the screen, the clouds fuzzy masses
across the red and barren land and the blue green sea. Further back the camera
pulls and we are a blue ball in a black sky. Further back still and we seem
less than pixels in a vast and limitless spectrum. Were we even real? Did we
even exist? Do we matter at all?

actions of each of us determine the answer.

Text, Palitja Moore 2015, image, I Moore, fire near Chain of Ponds, SA, ~January 2015.

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