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Embracing One World

Work in progress…

It was interesting to me recently to have a conversation with someone who I know
to believe in the concept of a single shared consciousness and then to learn
that she finds the notion of no nations to be confronting. Surely the two ideas
are opposed? If one believes – indeed embraces – the notion that humans have a
shared consciousness then surely the idea that we would reflect that by sharing
the planet would also be embraced.

We are at a fateful time in human history, one in which we could pave the way for
a peaceful, shared planet, where resources are valued only if they cause no
harm to anyone. A future where even harm to the most vulnerable and remote of
human populations is not acceptable.

Have we (humans) imagined such a future in movies or literature? We’ve just past the
30th anniversary of the future imagined in Back to the Future, and
that one had ghettos and corruption, but have there been better scenarios
explored in any fictional medium? And if so, what can we learn from them?

…to be continued!

Palitja Moore 2015

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