Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb

This evening I watered the garden, fed the chooks and picked almost a punnet’s worth of
strawberries from my patch. A dozen good-sized strawberries – so cool! Then I
picked rhubarb and had so much I could barely hold the bunch in both hands. It’s
absurd how much joy I get from harvesting a bunch of these hearty, wholesome stalks!
Today I got my largest rhubarb harvest so far – 700g of stems – from three
small crowns growing in a half barrel.

is interesting because it can become quite spindly, as this crop was, until you
give it a feed. A couple of weeks ago I got trendy and gave it a shake for
dinner! Well, a diluted worm ‘liquid’ drink anyway and suddenly the stalks were
sturdy little trunks. The tiger worms work away silently in their layered boxes
in a shady corner of the garden and turn out a steady supply of ‘worm juice’ –
food scraps they’ve transformed into a hit of super-food for all of our food
plants, and other potted plants too, which in turn give scraps back to the worm

not quite to the point of zero-inputs, but it’s headed in that direction and
that’s very satisfying. Anything I can’t yet do myself, I buy from local, or at
least South Australian, growers. Fruit, vegies, wine, dairy, seafood, meat,
condiments – we have it all and every purchase means securing and growing South
Australian jobs and a stronger, sustainable local economy. I can’t argue with

the dog is on my lap in bed. Well, more correctly, he’s on my dressing gown in
a little black and tan chihuahua valley with my legs either side of him,
curled lightly in supreme comfort and ease, with his velvety forearms, tempting
me to pat him over and over again.

There are few things
more comforting in life than a garden of produce, a warm bed and a canine

Palitja Moore, text and image, October 2015

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