Demi, Semi, Perimeni!


I reckon my 30s
were the best decade of my life* so far but I must practice a non-judgmental
approach to all things. As I was reminded the other day while watching Hamlet (with the talented David Tennant
in the lead role), nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. Or
something like that. Is a hot cup of coffee a good thing? Ah, it depends,
doesn’t it? Too hot and you burn your tongue but if you want to make it last,
then hot coffee is the way to go. Being judge and jury is not so easy.

So I will try
to apply a non-judgmental approach to the stage of life I indubitably find
myself in now: perimenopause. Oh yes, that’s right! Look it up! I did – and
here’s just one link I came up with for women
of a certain age
such as myself. I reckon I’ve been in this demi, semi,
kind-of stage for about a year, which makes me, once again, terribly average.

canvassed my friends on Facebook, I find that many of them are also typical
40-ishes with symptoms including hot flushes, irritability, mood swings,
depression, and more. Just when freedom from kids begins to show like a new
dawn for many of us, Blammo! Your hormones start going on day trips and weekend
escapes and the bastards leave you behind to wallow in anxious exhaustion,
sleeping in until all that’s left ahead of you is another working week.

But it can’t be
all bad can it? Consider the ever-reducing expenditure on those
probably-necessary sanitary items as we move forward. Maybe now’s a good time
to test if sanitary items are indeed a luxury item as some members of
government seem to think. How much will we saving on the purchase of these over
the forward estimates, average perimenopausal ladies?

At least I have
my 50s to look forward to… how bad can it be?!

* Mind you, how good were the 90s! 1993
was one of my favourite years for music…

PS please don’t rely on me for health advise, I’m just an average person! You should consult a health professional.

© Palitja Moore, words and image Willunga Dawn, 2015

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